Log Book

The Log Book comprises a collection of notes that I kept and keep making over the years, while trying to learn more about coding, Linux, cryptography, security and everything else that sounds interesting to me. I kept this notes around as a reference so eventually I realised they might as well be online.

Most of them are pretty short and some of them are much longer, as a result of me deciding to look into a subject in more depth. Either way, these notes are not meant to be a comprehensive guide to their subject, being are mostly limited to my personal interests at the time of their writing. To that end, I try to include references for further information. If you have anything to add, feel free @kgoutsos.

Change git commit date

Cryptsetup reference for full disk encryption

Online Account Access Management Direct Links

Alt+Tab in Current Workspace Only in Gnome Shell

Changing output colour in Bash

Reducing PDF filesize on Linux

Spell checking with Hunspell in VS Code

The difference between .bashrc, .bash_profile, .profile etc.

The difference between login and interactive shells

Setting up hostname resolution for libvirt/KVM guests